Google releases ‘only Samsung’ YouTube music WearOS app

Download music while charging.

Google releases 'only Samsung' YouTube music WearOS app
Google releases ‘only Samsung’ YouTube music WearOS app | image: 9to5Google

Google has released the YouTube music wears app. It is good news for the users who want to use the YouTube music app on their smart wearables, but it comes with some caveats.

The biggest cons which the the new app comes with is that it only works in Samsung’s new smartwatches, Galaxy Watch 4, or a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic which are powered by wearOS 3, says Google. Samsung will publicly launch both watches on August 27. So, the app is released, but you can’t try that out.

Suppose you have a new Galaxy Watch. You have to be a premium YouTube subscriber to download the music and listen without the internet. The blog post of 9to5Google tells us that the new app is coming with some frustrating caveats, other than it works only Samsung’s new watches.

There is no way to stream music in the app yet, you can only download it. So now you know you can only download the music, but you can only download the music when the watch is on a charge, says 9to5Google.

“Only download the music when

the watch is on a charge.”

Overall, it is a good start, though. Definitely, it will come to all smartwatches as time passes, but Google didn’t share any details about this yet.

Importantly, downloads can only happen when the watch is on a charger — there’s no way to do it otherwise. The app will also default to downloading solely on Wi-Fi, but you can toggle that if you wish. There’s a “Smart Downloads” feature in the Settings, which can be customized to download between 50 and 500 songs, depending on how much storage you have available. There’s also a toggle for “Restricted Mode” that filters out explicit content and a “Privacy & Location” page that exists only to tell you to deal with that on your phone.


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