YouTube: First “app” to cross 10 billion Downloads on Google play Store

No surprise

a man pointing the YouTube icon

The google-owned video-sharing platform has become the first app to cross 10 billion downloads in history.

We all know how popular video-sharing platforms are, YouTube is the biggest of them. The main reason for such popularity is that YouTube helps people learn anything, from nail cutting tutorials on how to fly an airplane, YouTube has everything.

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As the number of people connected to the internet rise, the popularity of YouTube raised tremendously. It was said already that YouTube will be the first app to cross the 10 billion downloads milestone.

YouTube is along with the apps which come pre-installed with every android device. This is also a reason for becoming a total of 10 billion downloads. But there are only 3 billion android phones and in china, they don’t have YouTube. So, YouTube achieved is jaw-dropping feat.

Let us tell you an interesting fact, YouTube is the second app to cross 10 billion downloads; why we are saying it first? The first app to achieve this feat is Google Play Services. We are not counting this as the first app because it is not a formal app. It the base utility has to be in the android phone to run google based services.

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