YouTube auto livestream caption feature is now available for all creators

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YouTube said that the new auto-caption live stream feature is now available for all creators. “Starting today, creators can now enable live auto-captions for any livestreams in English to make streams more inclusive and accessible!” says YouTube, “Previously this feature was only available to channels with 1,000+ subscribers, but we’ve removed that requirement.”

youtube livestream auto-caption feature
Auto-Caption feature | image: YouTube

Along with the auto-captions for livestreams, YouTube brought more updates to make it easy for deaf or affected hearing people. Auto-captions will support twelve more languages, including Japanese, Turkish, and Spanish, instead of just English. Creators may add more audio tracks to support multiple languages and enhancements, but YouTube says this feature will be available “in the coming quarters.”

YouTube is also bringing the feature which allows users to search using video transcripts on mobile. It is already available on the desktop.  “For me, this has been an extremely useful feature on desktop — clicking the three-dot icon to the right of the like/dislike bar, then hitting “Open transcript” to get a full searchable text of the video has saved me countless hours, so it’s nice to see that it could be coming to mobile as well,” says Mitchell Clark from The Verge.

youtube search using transcripts
YouTube search using transcripts | image: YouTube

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The largest video sharing platform is also working on allowing creators to edit the sub-titles of their videos. This feature can prove to be an extremely loved and helpful feature. YouTube will test this feature in the coming months.

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