Xiaomi launching a new 100W wireless charging stand for $100

Xiaomi officially unveiled a new 100W wireless charging stand. The new charging stand also has a new design than the old model of 80W. 100W model still lets you put a device (vertical or horizontal) on the stand. The new model (MDY-13-EL) comes in a Black and Gold color accent.

Xiaomi launches a new 100W wireless charging stand for $100
Xiaomi launches a new 100W wireless charging stand for $100

GSMArena reported that the new 100W model is based on QI wireless charging technology and dual-coil design. 100W model has a dynamic fan that only starts when needed, and Xiaomi’s 120W charger with 6A USB cable comes in the box. The newer model has a current calibration protection layer, which was not a part of the previous MDY-13-ED model. Other than the current calibration protection layer, all features like over-voltage, over-current, electrostatic protection, over-temperature, and foreign object detection are as same as the previous 80W model.

xiaomi new 100W charger

The new 100W model MDY-13-EL sale will go live in China on August 16 at 10 AM. Xiaomi shared no details about whether this charger will be available internationally, if yes, when. The price tag of the charges will be $92, as GSMArena reported.

xiaomi 100W charger

But does it make sense? Here, the real question is why Xiaomi designed a 100W wireless charger when its phone with the fastest charging is 67W support. So they were are all being covered by the 80W model pretty good with less price of $77. Is there a Xiaomi phone with 100W support is in the making? Let’s see where it goes.

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