Windows 11: No More Internet Explorer

In almost 20 years, Windows 11 is the first version of MS Windows without Internet Explorer.

In Windows 10 we have Internet Explorer and Chromium-powered Edge installed. But, Microsoft is ending official support for Internet Explorer. Windows 11 is the first version of Windows without IE

Internet explorer is officially dying 

Microsoft announced that they Disable internet explorer in windows 11. It means IE is officially disappearing. Now, Microsoft is making the only and default browser for Windows 11 is Microsoft Edge. MSHTML browser engine is still part of Windows 11.

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Microsoft planned to remove the official support of IE on 15-June, 2022. But unexpectedly they remove IE from Window 11. In the leaked version of Windows 11 you can see that if you want to open IE with a shortcut, it automatically redirects you to Edge.

IE was first integrated with Windows 95 OEM in 1997. After that Windows 11 is the only version without IE.

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Anyhow, Internet Explorer is officially dying.


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