Windows 11 Leaks: brand-new UI, Menus, release date, and more

Microsoft Windows needs no introduction. The latest version of MS Windows is Windows 10 is running on millions of computers globally. Some days ago, Microsoft announces the new version of Windows called Windows 11. But, the next version has leaked online. Yet, we don’t know if it is intentional or not. There are many UI updates and much more.

Windows10 11 leaks, release date

Upcoming Windows 11 has leaked online on 15-Jun 2021. A Chinese website Baidu published screenshots about the user interface and other UI updates such as start menu, animations, and more.

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To some extent, the new user interface of Windows 11 is similar to windows 10X. In the new UI, the most significant update you can found is in the taskbar. In task bark, icons are in the center, a clean look, and a new button for the Start menu.

Windows 11 new UI
Leaked Windows new Start Menu UI. PC:

The new taskbar is the updated and simpler version of the current existing Windows taskbar. The new taskbar includes pinned apps, recent activities, and power buttons like shutdown and restart.

You can also move taskbar icons to the left side like default Windows 10 just in case you don’t like them in the center. A dark mode switch is also available. But, Windows 11 is like a more refined and stylish version of windows 10, not a complete innovation.

Windows 11 left task bar
Windows 11 taskbar moved to left. PC:

In latest Windows, Microsoft is also introducing Round Corners. As a result, they are present in menus, applications, and dialog boxes. The start menu also has round corners. But, the leaked version is an early version so we can not see every update.

We found new icon Widgets in Leaked Windows operating system. It seems that windows are bringing back Windows Widgets. The leaked version is an early version and due to this, there are some widgets in it, not all. In complete widgets, there should be news, weather, and other web content with customizations.

windows 11 widgets
Widgets panel in windows 11. PC:

After the cancelation of the windows 10X operating system, Microsoft is reusing their work in Windows 11. Died operating system included various redefined and simpler features than Windows 10. Those parts of the late operating system are observable in leaked Windows.

We are seeing some changes in the built-in apps like search and file explorer in the early version.

windows 11 file explorer
Windows 11 file explorer.
Windows 11 search interface
Windows 11 search interface.

Window snapping feature

Snap control feature is also in the latest Windows and users can found that by clicking maximize button. This feature is the successor of the old Windows feature Cascade Window. Snap features help you to quickly organize windows side by side or top and bottom as you wish.

Windows 11 snap feature
Windows 11 snapping window feature. PC:

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New windows Store

According to the leaked version, Windows Store is almost the same as Windows 10. There are chances that Microsoft did not update this or those updates are not in this leaked version.

windows 11_windows-app-store
Windows 11 windows app store.

Reportedly, Microsoft has been working on the release of a new app store for windows. According to some rumors, the new app store will be in the Latest Windows Official release. Some reports say that Microsoft will allow developers to submit an app to the app store. Perhaps Microsoft will allow third-party advertisement platforms so that the developers can avoid the part that Microsoft cut from in-app purchases.

Microsoft is also introducing a new setup experience and new boot sound.

Xbox application

Xbox experience is also getting updated with the new Windows 11 operating system. Thus, the new Xbox application will offer Xbox game passes, social networks of Xbox, and Xbox game store. The game mode and game bar seem to be the same as before in the leaked version.

Windows 11 Xbox. PC:
Windows 11 Xbox app. PC:

Release date of Windows 11

Microsoft is ready to launch Windows 11. Microsoft is organizing an event on 24th June at 11 AM ET to reveal its new operating system. The leak and event almost confirm that the next Windows will be released this month.
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What do you think about the new Windows?

Are you going to upgrade or stick with Windows 10?

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