Microsoft ‘Threatens’ to withhold Windows 11 updates on Old PCs

The threat seems serious.

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Microsoft is threatening that company can withhold the upcoming feature and security updates if your CPU is old than Microsoft recommends. Yesterday, we told you that Microsoft is not leaving behind the millions of PCs, you can install Windows 11 on your old PC through ISO. Microsoft said users can install Windows 11 on any PC by using ISO manual installation. But now Microsoft is threatening users to withhold security and feature updates from your manually installed copy of Windows 11.

It’s hard to imagine a tech giant like Microsoft threatening to withhold updates because they have a rich history of providing long-term updates to its operating systems. Even after Microsoft officially ended the support of Windows 7, the company issued a free update. But now it seems serious that Microsoft means it. Microsoft declined to share any details about this. Perhaps they want to make us believe that this is happening.

If you don’t upgrade your older PC to minimum 8th-gen Intel, then your manually installed Windows 11 is likely to become an “old school” operating system in which Windows Update Center has nothing to do but you have to download drivers from third-party websites. Let’s say that you have to problem downloading drivers manually, but there is no such way to download security updates.

It means Windows 11 would not work seamlessly as Windows 10 in older computers. Microsoft has promised to support Windows 10 until 14 October 2025. So, your old CPU still has almost 3 years of life left. To prevent yourself from the “mess” Microsoft has created, you can use Windows 10.

The company seemingly wants to push Windows users to buy a new PC, whether they need one or not. Yesterday, the company told us about a loophole that could placate some of the company’s vocal power users who don’t want to give up their old hardware. But if that loophole gets in the way of Microsoft’s plans, the company is reserving the right to make it far less attractive.

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