Windows 11 won’t support AMD Zen and Intel 7th Gen professors

Not quite good news.

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Windows 11 won’t support AMD Zen and Intel 7th Gen professors

Back when Microsoft announced Windows 11, Microsoft increased the minimum system requirements to get official Windows 11 support. Increased requirements include minimum RAM and storage increase, TPM 2.0 and UEFI secure boot requirement, and the CPU t requirements — most important. To support Windows 11 officially you must have an Intel eighth-gen or newer, and AMD Zen 2 or newer processor, or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 or newer.

This decision of Microsoft created a lot of backlashes back then because it leaves millions of PCs behind. After a few days, Microsoft said that they are reevaluating Intel 7th-gen and AMD Zen 1 CPUs and also released a beta build for them to check out how they perform. But now Microsoft decided to not include Intel 7th-gen and AMD Zen 1 in Windows 11 party.

After reevaluating, Microsoft didn’t change a bit in their previous decision about AMD Zen 1. In the case of Intel 7th-gen, there are minor changes. The changes include official support for 7th-gen Core X-series or a Xeon W-series CPU and the Core i7-7820HQ is going to be supported.

If your PC doesn’t support Windows 11 officially, you still have very much of Windows 10 left. Microsoft is going to support Windows 10 until 14 October 2025. Just in case you want Windows 11 at any cost, you will get it but not through Windows update. Windows 11 ISO doesn’t check system specifications and you can manually install Windows 11 on any PC. Official ISO will be available after public release. Stay tuned; We are here to tell you everything.

Along with the announcement, Microsoft released a new PC health check app but only for Windows insiders. The new app will show you more details about why your PC does not support Windows 11 and will have links to the related articles. In the coming week, a new PC health check will be available for everyone.

new PC health check app
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