Windows 11 first beta release after Dev build

Windows 11 get first beta release after Dev build

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Microsoft has released the first beta version of Windows 11. It is only available to those who are registered in the Windows Insider program. Microsoft released Dev Build before beta and today to onwards, beta is available. According to Microsoft Dev build was for “highly technical users,“ and had “rough edges.“ Microsoft said Beta is less volatile and buggy (then Dev build) and validated by Microsoft. But, we suggest you install beta in a test machine, not in your daily driver because it’s still “beta.”

To install the beta, you should have a compatible computer according to new hardware requirements for Windows 11. There are some serious new requirements for official Windows 11 support. Microsoft said that they will pay close attention to the 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 CPU to check their performance during testing. Their performance will decide if they will have an ultimate release or not.

Switching to beta from Dev build normally requires a complete operating system reinstall. But with Windows 11 beta installation, switching will be possible without reinstallation but allowed for a short period, as the windows insider said. According to the verge, switching will only require a reboot (available in a short period).

“I’ve tested it out myself, and switching to the Beta channel only required a quick reboot — a small price to pay for what will hopefully be smoother sailing until the actual release.”

-Mitchell Clark, The Verge

How to switch to Beta from Dev build

The beta release is too good for those who installed dev build to experience Windows 11 ASAP but don’t want to use “volatile & buggy“ dev build.

  1. To switch from Dev build to beta
  2. Go to settings
  3. Open windows update
  4. Click windows insider program
  5. Click choose your insider settings
  6. Select beta

switching menu of dev build to beta

How to switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 beta

If you are among those people who are using Windows, 10 but want to experience Windows 11, even its beta, register yourself in the Microsoft beta program. Beta is better than Dev but there are still many issues, crashes, and features that are missing. In their blog post, Microsoft listed many issues in Windows 11 beta.

Apart from all these issues, if you are really wanting to enjoy Windows 11 at any cost, it the best time to give (beta) it a try because Microsoft said it enough stable for early adopters. We can call them the ones who want Kilos of Tech. 🙂

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