WhatsApp View Once feature is now available for All

WhatsApp view once feature is coming to all devices. It means your sent message will automatically delete after the recipient has seen that message. In June 2021, WhatsApp tested this (view once) feature by rolling it out for a limited group of people. Now, testing is done, and WhatsApp finally rolled out View Once, an auto-expire, feature to all WhatsApp users.
view one message sent by a person
Message sent using “View Once” setting | image: WhatsApp
WhatsApp official blog released this news on Tuesday, WhatsApp said:
“Now that taking pictures or videos on our phones has become such a big part of our lives, everything we share doesn’t have to be a permanent digital record. On most phones, just taking a picture means it will take up space in your camera roll forever. That’s why today we’re introducing new onetime photos and videos that disappear from the chat after” -WhatsApp’s blog
As the name View Once, it will delete the sent message after the recipient views it first (only) time. According to WhatsApp,
  • Sent media (using the view once feature) will not be stored in the receiver’s device storage.
  • Once you have seen it, the media will be no more for you.
  • When a message or media is sent using View Once feature, no one (both sender & receiver) can’t forward, star, save or share.
  • Read receipts settings will be applied to these messages, same as normal messages.
  • Back up will include a “Once view” message if and only if the message was not opened at the time of backup.
You can use it when sending sensitive information to someone like a password or some personal detail. WhatsApp will delete the message after opening at any case but WhatsApp warned recipients that can still take screenshots or record media with some other device.

How to use the WhatsApp View Once feature

When you select an image or video to share, you will see a view once the icon is near the “Send” button. Click on that and the icon will turn green. Your media is all set to self-destruction after viewing once.
view once setting applied on a messages
“View Once” message in Chat | image: XDA Developers
The feature is included in the update is rolled out for all. You can update the WhatsApp app from here.

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