WhatsApp is testing end-to-end encryption for local Backup

WhatsApp application

WABetaInfo reported WhatsApp is trying to create local backups encrypted using end-to-end encryption. First, this feature will be tested in the beta version and will be included in the next update. WABetaInfo didn’t clear the time. WhatsApp is using E2E (end-to-end encryption) for Google drive and iCloud backups but now WhatsApp is expanding the feature to bring the same level of encryption everywhere.

WhatsApp is modernizing its application day by day to catch up with its rivals in terms o features. In a later update, WhatsApp rules out View Once media feature and reportedly testing to remove phone connection restrictions to use WhatsApp web. Now, WhatsApp local backup end-to-end encryption is cooking. WhatsApp local backup end-to-end encryption will protect your chat backups from unauthorized access and data breaches. While creating a backup, local or cloud, WhatsApp will require a password, which will be used when you want to restore the backup. If you don’t want to set a password, you can generate a 64-bit key. Password/key is supposed to require while restoring and it will be the only OPTION to restore.
Due to E2E encryption type, and WhatsApp policies, the password or key you configure while creating backup will not be shared with, Apple, Facebook, Google, and even WhatsApp itself. If you forgot the password/key, you could not restore backup and no one can help you. So, be cautious while creating backup now. This feature is in the beta testing phase and will be a part of the next update.

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