WhatsApp will allow you to hide ‘Last seen’ from specific people

The current option for status privacy, coming for ‘Last seen’, and more.

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WhatsApp reportedly is working on a new “Last seen” status visibility that will allow you to hide your last seen from specific contacts for both iOS and Android.

WhatsApp currently has three visibility options for the last seen status, profile picture, and About. The instant messaging app allows users to make visible or not (last seen status, profile picture, and About) from, the people who have your contact in their phone, hide or show them to all users, and hide or show them to your contact list. If someone wants to hide the last seen status from the specific contacts, they have to block them, delete their contact, or hide a status from all. Now, WhatsApp finally going to give you the option to hide online status from specific people.

“WhatsApp has this feature
currently for Status privacy.”

The name of WhatsApp’s additional feature will be “My contacts except…” which will allow users to filter specific contacts to allow visibility, says WABetaInfo. This option is in WhatsApp currently, but only for status update visibility.

As you can see in the screenshot …

WhatsApp's new my contacts except option

… new “My contacts except” appears alongside existing options. Once this option is available, it will work the same as the current “My contacts except…” option in the status privacy section. WABetaInfo claimed that his option is coming for Last Seen, Profile Picture, About but the attached screenshot showing a new option in the last seen settings.

At the moment, the new option is under development and not in the current beta release. It will include in future beta releases, but we have no information about the exact time period. Stay tuned! We will let you know this feature will be live.

WhatsApp is currently working on many additional features, like iOS to android chat transfer and message reactions.

The Irish data protection has fined WhatsApp of 225 million euro on Thursday because EU privacy watchdogs put pressure on Ireland to increase the penalty for WhatsApp’s privacy breaches. WhatsApp said the company will appeal because the fine is “entirely disproportionate.”

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