WhatsApp is allowing chat history transfer between different OS

whatsapp chat transfer processes

WhatsApp is making it easy to switch from iOS to Android. If you switch, you don’t have to leave behind your WhatsApp chat history on your iPhone. Chat history includes all videos, texts, photos, and documents. Rumors are coming about this feature for a long time. Now, the feature is here and announced during Samsung’s launch events and Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 will be the first smartphones to have the transferability. Next Samsung phones will also have this feature. It is unclear when all phones will have this iOS to Android chat transfer feature.

Here is a thing, this transfer feature will require a physical wired connection between iOS and Android phones. Connect both phones via lightning USB-C, no internet required.

WhatsApp said that this feature will be first available on Samsung foldable – launched today – and Samsung’s phones with at least Android 10 will be able to transfer in coming weeks. WhatsApp didn’t talk about the timeframe of when will non-Samsung devices would have this feature and Android to iOS too.

The new feature will solve the long complaint problem of users that they cannot transfer chat backup between different operating systems. It was so much frustrating though. If you were an iOS user, they stored your WhatsApp chat backup on iCloud, and if you were an Android user; they stored your backup on Google Drive. You didn’t have any official option to transfer chat from iOS to Android.

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