WhatsApp beta is allowing Multi-Device connectivity without Phone

Phone connection restriction is fading out,

If you want to use WhatsApp on devices other than your phone, you still require your phone to be connected to the internet. Sometimes, it is frustrating. But, now WhatsApp starts thinking that WhatsApp should lift this restriction. WhatsApp is now beta testing the multi-device support without a phone.

WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg talked about the challenges to maintain end-to-end encryption while allowing multi-device support, in an interview. Now, Will Cathcart speaks about the work WhatsApp has done to maintain security and multi-device supports.

current WhatsApp msg sending mechanism
Image: Facebook


As you can see in the image, which is comparing the current working mechanism of a WhatsApp message with the new Multi-device system WhatsApp is working on. In the current mechanism, the user’s phone is used to identify the keys and encryption/decryption of messages. But in the new mechanism, it is slightly different.

The new beta is rolling out but only for a limited number of people. WhatsApp teams said they are continually working to make multi-device support efficient and secure.


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