Walmart is making College Tuition Fee Free, For its Employess

Be like Walmart.

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According to Forbes, Walmart is helping its employees to fight against student loans by making college tuition-free.

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Student Loan

Walmart, the largest employer in the private sector, will now help its employees pay college fees without debts like student loans.


  • In the next five years, Walmart will invest over $1 billion in career training and development programs
  • Will be available through Walmart to live better u education program
  • 1.5 million part-time and full-time workers will complete college degrees without the burden of loans
  • Walmart will pay 100% of their tuition fee, and books

“We are creating a path of opportunity for our associates to grow their careers at Walmart, so they can continue to build better lives for themselves and their families. This investment is another way we can support our associates to pursue their passion and purpose while removing the barriers that too often keep adult working learners from obtaining degrees.”

-Lorraine Stomski, senior vice president of learning and leadership at Walmart

List of universities for Walmart free tuition program

Walmart’s free college program will work in the following universities to earn their diploma certificate debt-free while working in Walmart.

  • Brandman University
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Pathstream
  • Penn Foster
  • Purdue University Global
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • The University of Arizona
  • The University of Denver
  • Voxy Engen
  • Wilmington University

While doing so, Walmart also lifted the condition that associated (Walmart employees) have to pay only $1 per day according to their degree program duration. Walmart’s decision helps more employees to educate without the burden of student loans and debts.

Will this be helpful for students?

College without tuition fees is the ultimate form of any education helping program. Over 1.5 million students will get benefits and financial freedom because of the no loans burden. According to Forbess, many colleges are also canceling student loans to help people educate themselves. This Walmart step can be a blessing for thousands of people because many of them are struggling financially after this pandemic. In the past, Walmart proved to be very beneficial for students and helped them get rid of student loans.

Will any other company will do like Walmart?

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