Visual Studio is finally in Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Windows App store on the way to become an App store.

Visual Studio is finally in Microsoft Store in Windows 11
Visual Studio is finally in Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

Microsoft Visual Studio – A legendary code editor, is finally in Microsoft Store in Windows 11. Many years ago Microsoft debuted its App Store in Windows 8 but it didn’t help Windows users in any sense. The primary purpose of the app store of any company is to make all of its own and other apps available so its users can access and download them easily. Unfortunately, Windows App Store ridiculously failed to do so. Even some of Microsoft’s own apps are not available in App Store.

Now, it looks like Microsoft is changing this in Windows 11 and making its popular apps available in App Store. Today, Tech Giant announced users can access their very own Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community from Windows App Store in the next Windows version.

Another big and “long-awaited” change in App Store comes with Windows 11 everyone can put any app that works for Windows on the App store now. It took almost a decade for Microsoft to do so.

During the days of Windows 8, developers have to build a completely new app to put that in the App store. At that time, Microsoft comes with a “Universal apps” solution to make different UI for Windows 8.1 desktops and Windows 8.1 Phones using the same code base. But this was a flop because no one wants to develop apps for such an “armature” platform. Microsoft quirkily realized and there comes Windows 10. It allows developers to make a single responsive app for all Windows devices.

These Microsoft’s efforts were not enough, even for themselves, they weren’t able to put any app in App Store. Microsoft put Office 365 in-app store but pull out after some time. Now, with the release (probably October) of Windows 11, it is good to know that now “any” app even much-complicated apps like Visual Studio can be distributed on the store. Now developers don’t need to do anything with the already Windows build of any app to put it in the store.

You will be able to download Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio community from Windows App Store easily and for free.

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