Virginia to Invest $700 million so every Household have Broadband in the State

One of the Greatest investments in Internet connectivity,

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Virginian Governor Ralph Northam announced that Virginia is investing $700 million in the United State’s Rescue Plan funding to implement universal broadband connectivity by 2024. As a result, every household in Virginia will get access to a high-speed broadband internet connection. This investment lessens four years from the original plan to provide every household broadband internet.

The current pandemic changed the working environment. Now, every person needs a good internet connection to work from home. Everyone needs to be online, it becomes a necessity. Northam said, more than 230 thousand houses and businesses don’t have access to good broadband. These numbers provoke the Govt. to invest $700 million.

It’s time to end the digital inequality and to treat high-speed internet as the basic necessity of the 21st century. Not just a luxury for some, but an essential utility for all. 

This pandemic told us, how important is the high-speed internet is for health, education, economic opportunities. We can not afford to leave any community behind.

-Ralph Northam

On August 2nd, the General Assembly of Virginia has a special meeting to decide the right path to spend these investment funds.

During the announcement press conference, D-VA Sen. Mark Warner said When we are talking about broadband it should be clear that we are working under the Governor. Not a slow speed intern at like 25 down and 3 up but high and efficient speed.

In July, Government Accountability Office called in the Federal Communication Commission to reconsider its broadband speed standards or 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up. The accountability office said that the current speed standards can not meet the requirements of the modern world, effectively.

Investment in broadband connectivity is possible because, in March, Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan, providing billion to states as COVID relief funds. As a result, Virginia received funds of almost $4 billion. Now, Virginia will spend this money to provide high-speed broadband connectivity to everyone in the state.

During the above-mentioned conference, Warner said to Friday, “This will be fiber, satellite, and maybe wireless. But it is the future we all hoped for.”

What do you think about this investment? Will it bring any change?

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