Amazon launching its own TVs in US, might kill Samsung

Amazon wants more market.

Amazon launching its own Amazon-branded TV in the US. | © SamMobile

A new Insider report suggests that Amazon is likely to lunch its own Amazon-branded TV in the United States. These Amazon-branded TVs could be on sale next month. Amazon is releasing these TVs just before the holiday shopping season and at this time of year, there are high TV sales.

Insider’s report said this project has been in the pipeline for two years. Amazon’s R&D and devices teams have been working on this project. The first launched models will have 55 to 75 inches screen sizes and TVs will not be made by Amazon but by third-party manufacturers like TCL. Amazon in-house team is also reportedly working on new TV models but it is not sure that if these Amazon-made TVs will be available at the same time (next month) or not.

Third-parties made Amazon-branded TVs will have Alexa support, but it is not confirmed that if they have Amazon’s Fire TV software or not. Fire TV software-powered TVs are available on Amazon but they are Amazon branded.

The launch of Amazon-branded TVs definitely other big names in the TV industry of the USA like Samsung because Samsung also uses Amazon to sell its TVs. Amazon is already very famous because of its aggressive approach to advertising its private-label products on its platform and this “Hurts” other brands.

Amazon is the largest online and has an excellent reputation and value in the US market. Amazon makes it possible by offering more variety of products and “one-day” shipping. To make itself more dominant, Amazon wants your apartment key if you are in the US. Amazon’s TV will reduce the sales of other brands like Samsung. Currently, Samsung is the “Uncrowned King” of the TV market globally.

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