Twitter third-party sign-up with Apple or Google finally came

twitter third-party sign-up
You can sign up using Apple ID or a Google account
Now you can sign-up through your Apple or Google account because Twitter third-party sign-up is added. 9to5mac reported last month that this (third part sign up) feature was rolled out in the beta version. Now, it is the part of official Twitter app and website. When we tried to do so, we were successful in signing up using an Apple account. We think this is more fluid and easy.
Twitter third-party sign-up is not working the same for all devices. iOS users can only use Apple account, Android users can only use Google account, and Twitter’s mac app users can’t use any of these. Apple users can not sign up through apple id on the Twitter web. Another thing is that you cannot change your password if you signed up using Apple ID. Disconnect your Apple ID from your Twitter account but it is available only for Twitter Web, and Twitter Web cannot be signed up through Apple ID, yet. Twitter is updating day to day to make people tweet more. Twitter closed its Fleets feature because Twitter could not make enough people use Fleets. Recently, Twitter also tested a feature to allow users to dislike replies. But besides these features, third-part sign-up is like a mess, yet.

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