Twitter Fleets feature is closing down: no more Expiring tweets

Twitter’s equivalent to Facebooked Stories,

twitter fleet features
Image: Twitter

Twitter launched a feature Fleets, around 8 months ago, like Facebook stories. Fleets are the row of stories like full-screen tweets and expired after 24 hours. According to Twitter, this step of closing down is taken due to low usage.

After 3 August 2021, Twitter users will see active spaces, live chat rooms, at the top where now fleets are also available. Current features in the tweet editor will be replaced with the features available only in fleets like text formatting, and GIF stickers.

By the closing feet, Twitter is not only admitting that the feature doesn’t work but it is also a sign that Twitter is struggling to get more daily tweeting users. Twitter launched the Fleets feature to attract more users because Snapchat and Instagram were it was working so well.

We hoped Fleets would help more people feel comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter. But, since we introduced Fleets, we haven’t seen a considerable increase in the number of users joining conversations using Fleets, we hoped for more.

-Ilya brown-Twitter’s vice president

Last month, Twitter started showing ads in the Fleets. Twitter called it Experimental. We are not sure if that “Experimental” closing down too or that experiment will be used in other features of the application.

Future more, Ilya Brown said,

If we are not evolving our approach and closing down features, we are not taking enough chances to get more users and involve them in conversations. We will continue to build more ways to involve users in conversations, consider their feedback, and change direction as long as it’s good for users.


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  1. Woody

    Twitter does nothing that doesn’t benefit twitter, even if it harms others. Shut that shit heap down!

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