Top 8 Technology blog you should subscribe to(2021)

Technology has become a core for every aspect of life in the global village, and our dependency on it is increasing tremendously. Therefore, updating all the trending technologies is undoubtedly necessary because new tech trends are being introduced almost every day.

The question is, how do you update yourself with the latest technology?

We have a pretty good answer for you. You can follow the latest Technology blogs that bring the latest tech news and updates faster. These tech blogs will help you to remain up and ahead of the curve.

We made a list of top 8 technology blogs that bring you the latest information and news regarding the technology. Listed blogs will bring you everything to develop a technology updated version of you!

Let us dive!

1. Wired

  • Founded by: Louis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe,
  • Started in: 1993. home

Wired is a super-popular blog that provides a real insight to its readers about entertainment, technology, science, culture, and social media. Interesting and informative, Wired is a perfect blog to subscribe to in 2021.
This blog answers all questions related to top technology trends and gadgets reviews and upgrades in these fields. It ranks among the top tech blogs around the globe and helping professionals from all areas by presenting different ideas and a lot of information over the years.

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2. TechCrunch

  • Founded by: Michael Errington, Keith Teare,
  • Started in: 2005. home

Want to know how technology is shaping the business? Invest yourself in the top-ranked blog – TechCrunch.

TechCrunch makes content on business-tech interactions, analyzes emerging tech across the globe, introduces new technology products in the market, and publishes that. It is one of the fastest blogs that publish first to report to their readers about the tech startups and their details.

It features knowledge about the apps helping in the business. In fact, TechCrunch is a vast pool of information about internet companies and the world.

3. Recode

  • Founded by: Kara Swisher,
  • It started in: 2014. home

VOX media-owned Recode always gives us the latest and unbiased technology news, trends analysis, and popular media and technology reviews.

Its focus is to explain the transition of our technology world with Silicon Valley. By containing update and accurate information, we can say that it is an entire blog to follow.

4. Mashable

  • Founded by: Pete Cashmorg
  • Started in: 2005. home

It is a multi-platform media channel, and this technology blog has entertainment and technological content.
Mashable is one of the most influential tech blogs on the internet today. It helps those who seek the latest information about movies, travel, gadgets, and all other things happening in technology.


  • Founded by: Halsey Minor, Shelby Bonnie
  • Started in: 1994 home

Because of a lot of information about the latest computer technology and the precision and speed, CNET is among the top technology blogs.

CNET stays ahead because of publishing on all types of technologies, trends, and tech reviews. It provides instructions, news, and everything from tech to sports, along with honest reviews. Definitely, It can be your first choice before buying new gadgets because of the updated reviews, pricing, and much more.

6. The Verge

  • Founded by: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, Marty Moe,
  • It started in: 2011. home

The Verge is another tech blog operated by VOX media for publishing news, guides, product reviews, and podcasts.

It is not just a technology publication; it is the most information-rich blog on the latest tech and tech products. The Verge gets its hand to every tec product even if it is not released, and it is so much help full.

  1. 7. VentureBeat
  • Founded by: Matt Marshall
  • Started in: 2006. home

It is one of the leading technology blogs across the globe for tech events and news. You can read breaking news about the tech giants and gaming industry. In addition, readers can find information about technologies like Artificial intelligence, 5G, and virtual realities.

VentureBeat is also known for significant events which it organizes about technology innovation.

8. Gizmodo

  • Founded by: Pete Rojas
  • Started in: 2004 home

Do you want the latest news about gadgets? Then, let me tell you about the Gizmodo. Here, you can see all the tutorials and guides about the new devices in the market. If always offer the latest information about gadgets, in time.

It keeps an eye on the tech world to provide updates for its reader. It holds a progressive edge, and we can say that Gizmodo worth visiting.

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  • What do you think about our list of top 8 blogs you should follow in 2021?
  • Do you know any other good blog we missed on the list?


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