Top 8 Tech YouTubers You Must follow(2021)!

In today’s world, video watching and YouTube have not considered different things. When someone talks about videos, he is probably talking about a YouTube video. This is such a massive platform because over a billion people use this daily.

In the decade, YouTube becomes the most popular video-sharing platform, and it’s going up and up.

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Although it contains billions of entertaining contents, it also helps people move carefully in the technology world. It is providing them the information about mobile phones, laptops, and many other gadgets.

Only YouTube can influence 64% of purchases made. In this case, YouTube is way ahead of any other social influencing platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a result of this hype, millions of YouTube channels came into the scene. As a result, it became difficult for an average user to find the best tech-related channels to follow.

Here, we made a list of Top 8 Tech YouTubers You Must follow in 2021. You will not regret it.

1. Marquees Brownly

Marquees Brownlee's YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers
Marquees Brownlee

Any list of top tech YouTubers cannot be complete without mentioning my personal favorite, Marquees Brownly. In the tech and reviews section, undoubtedly, he is one of the biggest names. According to the former senior vice president, social for google, Marquees is the top technology reviewer on the planet currently.

 He starts making videos way back in 2009 when he was a high school student. Now, he has over 14 million+ subscribers and 2 billion total video views on his channel. He usually reviews mobile phones and laptops most of the time, and he is one of the most honest tech reviewers.

 Recently, he managed to interview Elon Musk and Will Smith on his channel.

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2. LinusTechTips

Linus tech tips YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers
Linus Tech Tips

A Canadian tech YouTuber and owner of 4 YouTube channels, Linus tech tips, Linus quickie, Tech linked, and channel super fun, created this when Gabriel Sebastian worked in an online computer store NCIX. They asked him to create a channel they can review their products.

In February 2019, it was the 5th most-watched technology channel on YouTube. Currently, it has over 13 million+ subscribers and 4.5 billion+ total views.

3. Unbox therapy

Unbox therapy YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers
Unbox therapy

It is another excellent tech YouTube channel on our list of Top 8 Tech YouTubers You Must follow(2021) – It helps its viewers see the unboxing of new tech gadgets and help purchase decisions. Lewis George Hilsenteger and Jack McCann.

 Unlike unboxing mobile phones and laptops, Lewis unboxes weird gadgets like an unsplit able cup and the most expensive Mercedes Benz complete electric vehicle, Mercedes-Benz EQS.

 Currently, this is a super popular channel with over 17 million subscribers and 4 billion-plus views.

4. Austin Evans

Austin Evans YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers
Austin Evans

Austin reviews every tech gadget from smartphones to gaming PCs and laptops. Created in 2009, Austin has grown as one of the most popular and trusted reviewing channels with over 5 million subscribers and almost 2 billion total views. You can find a huge collection of gaming gadget reviews on this channel.

5. MrWhoseTheBoss

MrWhoseTheBoss YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers

MrWhoseTheBoss run by Arun Maini, and it is the most followed YouTube channel in the United Kingdom. He has been featured accord the globe with some big names like the daily Telegraph and BusinessInsider and got huge praising worldwide due to his contribution to the Tech sector YouTube.

He is a 25-year-old economic student and currently has 7.2 million+ subscribers with 1 billion+ total views.

6. Android authority

Android Authority YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers
Android Authority

Basically, Android Authority was started as a website in 2007. After 4 years, in 2011, they decided to start their YouTube channel with the same name as the website. They usually unbox and review lasts android gadget and other android related tech.
I can say that if you are an Android OS fan, then Android Authority worth following due to the vast collection of information about Android phones, apps, and other how-to guides.

Currently, they have 3.3 million+ subscribers.

7. iJustin

iJustine YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers

This channel was started by Justine way back in 2006. This channel is something that can say a tech grooming channel. Here you can find the Hacks, tips, and tricks related to tech. She has a program called “vlog University with iJustin” to educate individuals about tech vlogging on her channel.

She has also been invited to famous TV shows like Law and order and Vampire Diaries.

Justin is one of the best women tech YouTube of all time and a role model for all women with over 6.8 million subscribers.

8. UrAvgConsumer

urAvgConsumer YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers YouTube channel, cover photo and subscribers

The last channel of our list Top 8 Tech YouTubers You Must follow(2021) is urAvgConsumer, Judner Aura. Aura is an average guy who loves tech and reviews laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and other tech gadgets.

He started this channel in 2012, and now he has 3 million subscribers. He has grown his channel as a popular tech channel with honest reviews as a “Common Guy.

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