Top 5 Technology Trends (2021)-Make 1 Step Ahead

Today technology is making progress exponentially. In this era, any IT professional can only be successful if he stays current with evolving technology. The current pandemic changes views how technology should affect our lives, and everybody is working from home using top tech. It also reminds IT, professionals that their roles will not be the same as time passes. Therefore, a promising IT professional or learner should always stay current with the trending technologies.

Now the question is, what are the top trending technologies? Well, we have an answer for you. We made a list of Top 5 Technology Trends (2021) to help you.

Top 5 technology trends 2021

Let’s dive!

Here is the list of Top trending technologies in 2021:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has created a lot of hype from the past few years, but it is not stopping there but making tremendous progress. We cannot imagine a world without artificial intelligence because AI has changed the way we lived. It is widely being used in Mobile phones, Navigation applications.

Besides, AI is helping us to predict an event before they happen so we can prepare for the coming dangers or demands things.

According to an estimate, the AI market will grow to $190 billion by 2025, with over $57 billion currently(2021).

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2. Robotic Process Automation

Along with AI, Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is another trending technology making things automatic. RPA is the use of software to automate tasks like transactions, big data handling, and communication. RPA automates the task which people have to do repeatedly.

Forrester Research estimates that the RPA will affect more than 230 million global workforces.

If you are a newbie in the IT field, you can pursue your study in RPA to have a promising career.

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3. Edge Computing

A new technology, “Cloud Computing,” came into the market some time ago and started growing because it solves hundreds of problems and data losses. Amazon, Microsoft, Google became the market leaders in Cloud Computing. It is still increasing because as time passes, every business is moving towards could solutions. But we can’t count it as an emerging technology. So here comes a new tech, “Edge Computing.”

The companies using cloud computing as their mainstream data controllers realize some limitations of cloud computing as the data start growing big. It starts causing some latencies while fetching and storing the data into cloud servers.

Edge Computing was designed to solve the latency problems by bypassing the latency due to Cloud Computing while getting data.

It acts like a mini datacenter data which is time-sensitive is stored. In other words, we can say that the data which is supposed to fetch fast and early is stored in mini datacenters. Also, those mini data centers have limited or no link to the mainstream data centers. In this way, it helps to speed up while dealing with data.
Its market is increasing day by day. By 2022 market value of Edge Computing is expected to cross $6.5 billion. This technology will grow because the data is growing big and significant in the data centers globally, and the need for edge computing becomes inevitable.

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4. Quantum Computing

Next to trendy, powerful, and modern technology is Quantum Computing. It is the most advanced computing of this era and takes advantage of quantum entanglement and Quantum Super Position. This technology also has a significant role in the making of Corona Vaccines. Its ability to monitor queries and analyze large data effectively and efficiently is the main factor in its success. Thus, Quantum Computing is making its way very fast into finance and banking by helping financial institutes managing fraud detection and credit risk.

Quantum computers are hundreds of times faster than the typical computer and handle enormous data calculation more quickly. The jaw-dropping advantages of quantum computing involve the world’s biggest tech giants in quantum computing. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, etc., are making considerable innovations in this field. The estimated revenue of Quantum Computing will be around $2.5billion by 2029. Suppose you want to make success in this field. In that case, you have to be good in Quantum Mechanics, Linear Algebra, Information theory, and Machine learning.

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5. Blockchain

Ordinary people think Blockchain is a technology related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the purpose of Blockchain is to provide security. For a layperson, we can say that Blockchain is what you can only add data and can not take or fetch data. The “Chain” word makes sense in the way that you are making chains of data. You can not change the previous block of data, and this makes Blockchain secure. By securing data with Blockchain ensure that no one entity can be the supreme authority over that data. You don’t need anyone to authorize and validate the transactions from secure data.

Blockchain is increasing because several companies are implementing this to ensure cybersecurity and irreversible data encryption. As a result, the demand for skilled Blockchain developers is also growing—the average salary of a Blockchain professional over $460k.

To make yourself a Blockchain developer, you should have a good grip on programming languages, basics of OOPs, Data structures, Databases, and networking.

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So, this is our list of top 5 trending technologies in 2021. This is the age of technology. If you want to be successful you have to be aware of what’s going on and how to tackle with it. if you don’t update yourself, you will lose your value over time. You can learn about one of these technologies and have a successful career.

  • What do you think about these technologies?
  • Is there any other trending technology we missed?

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.
-Stewart Brand, Writer

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