TikTok overtakes YouTube average watch time in US

Only on Android.

tiktok on a mobile phone
TikTok overtakes YouTube average watch time in the US for Android users | © Reuters

TikTok users spend more time watching videos on TikTok than YouTube users, says the report. TikTok’s users spend almost spend 26 hours watching TikTok short videos, almost 10 hours more than YouTube’s.

©App Annie

The report comprises Android viewership. So, this report doesn’t represent the whole mobile user base. Aside from this, it is interesting to see that how TikTok grows in very short years. Despite, maximum of TikTok videos are maximum of three minutes and YouTube has no limit for video length. TikTok gets this enormous user base even after the block threats it gets in the US by governments.

As long as we talk about the overall average watch time, YouTube sits on the top. Thanks to the two billion users as compared to TikTok’s roughly 700 million. Users spend more money on YouTube than TikTok worldwide. TikTok gets this house following because of “Short-video, authentic content and live streaming,” says App Annie. This also “Impressed” YouTube to launch its own short video platform “YouTube Shorts.”

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