Snapchat’s map will suggest you places to visit

Snapchat will help you find places to visit. Explore Map with Snap

snapchat's new map feature on screen
Snapchat’s map will suggest places to visit | image: the verge

Snapchat has over 250 million active users of built-in map. People use it to find out where are their friends are. Snapchat is going to add a feature into the map that will suggest you place to visit. Suggestions will be based on your tagged places, your previous visit and nearby (bars and restaurant, etc), and bookmarked as favorite.

In a discussion with the verge, Snapchat’s spokesperson said: “The new algorithm in our Popular Tab sets Snap Map apart as a highly personalized discovery platform, and is a first-of-its-kind feature for Snapchat, overall.“

You can discover this feature by opening the “popular“ tab in the (bottom-center) snap map. You will get suggestions according to your friend’s activities, your location, and places saved as favorites.

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Snapchat reported now it has 293 million daily users; a whopping 42% greater than Twitter. Snapchat proved itself an interesting and unique social media application and adding additional features. Now, the new map feature will turn the snap map into a useful thing and help you find the surroundings. Snapchat does a glorious thing by integrating reviews from a restaurant review website, The Infatuation, and Ticketmaster.

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