iOS Users can Share Tweets Directly as an Instagram Story

Recently, Twitter updated its app for iOS and added an exciting feature. Now, Twitter for iOS is letting users post tweets directly as an Instagram story. Twitter said. This feature works by using the built-in share tray of iOS. To do so, you have to tap the share icon under any tweet and select Instagram stories from the share tray. After, you can edit the story on Instagram as usual before posting.

share tweet to Instagram story
Image: Twitter

We know that you have the option to screenshot the tweet and then post it as an Instagram story. But now it becomes easier and slicker. We found that this feature works best for image or text-based tweets. We tried to share a tweet having a video but, Instagram does not import that as a video but a static image.

Yet, Twitter is only making this feature available for iOS, no news about when this will be available for android.

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