Samsung replaces next Galaxy Note with Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22: But leaks are still leaks.

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Tons of leaks are coming about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup and about the future of Samsung’s “Most-loved” smartphone series Galaxy Note series. But, the leaks say that the future of the Note series is almost zero. But, the good news is that all leaks are suggesting that Samsung S22 Ultra will have an integrated S-Pen port. It means S22 Ulta is going to replace the de facto Galaxy Note. A new leak by Twitter leaker @Chunvn8888 is mind-blowing.

The leak says Galaxy S22 will remain as it is, but Samsung can rename Galaxy S22+ to Galaxy S22 Pro. Now, the king of Samsung flagship series, aka Samsung Galaxy S22 Ulta, which will apparently be sold as, get this, the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.


There are no official confirmations about what we are talking about. Leaks are STILL leaks. It may be a miscommunication between resource and leaker. Or this can be a stunt to create hype for S22. 

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While this argument is strictly semantic, it also puts down the Galaxy S22 series below the Galaxy Note, due to the marginal specifications differences between the Galaxy S22 Pro/+ and the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

Nonetheless, the existence of the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra sits in line with earlier reports which speculated that Samsung would merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line of smartphones, complete with an embedded S-Pen silo and all that.


Let’s see what official announcement will say. Stay tuned, we are here to inform you about any update.

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