Samsung is removing ads from its stock apps

Samsung is removing ads from Whether, Samsung pay, and Themes app.

Samsung is removing ads from its stock apps
Samsung is removing ads from its stock apps

Samsung has confirmed that the company is removing ads from its stock applications. TM Roh, Samsung’s mobile chief said: “Samsung has made a decision to cease the advertisement on proprietary apps including Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Theme.”

The Verge accessed Samsung for further details and Samsung said: “The update will be ready by later this year. Our priority is to deliver innovative mobile experiences for our consumers based on their needs and wants. We value feedback from our users and continue our commitment to provide them with the best possible experience from our Galaxy products and services.”

When you spent over $1000 on a smartphone and in return you get ads, it is unforgivable. You have to switch to non-Samsung apps to get rid of these annoying ads. Samsung also sends push notifications about the other Samsung products. Many popular tech blogs and users raised this issue in the past year. At last, Samsung is officially removing these ads.

ads in samsung one ui
Ads in Samsung One UI | image: XDADevelopers

Samsung didn’t talk about any specific timeline about when they are going to remove ads probably later this year the newly updated apps will be ready. We will let you know when Samsung will roll out new stock apps with no ads.

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