Samsung Remote Test Lab let developers test app on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3

Don’t spend $1800 for the sake of testing.

samsung galaxy z fold 3

If you are an Android developer and you have to test your app to make sure it will work well on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, you don’t need to spend a whopping $1800 to do testing. Samsung makes it easy for developers to test their app for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung Remote Test Lab (RTL) is a service that lets developers test their app on Galaxy devices remotely and recently RTL got support for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. RTL lets developers users control cloud-connected Galaxy devices and g run their app them an easy way to test app’s working.

To keep it updated and to make sure that developers can test their app on newly released Samsung Galaxy devices, the company routinely updates RTL. Samsung already added Samsung Galaxy S21, Note 20, and Galaxy Z Flip and now Samsung added its newbie Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the service. Now, with the new device added, developers can remotely install APK files, choose different languages, and can efficiently test their app in the new Galaxy foldable. RTL also supports screen sharing so the whole developer team can test.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is getting relatively more hype than other foldable it became a kind of essential for developers to test their apps in Z Fold 3 because this phone has next-level multi-tasking and snapping software, thanks to its inner big screen. For example, Flex Mode triggers when the phone is half folded, so developers have to make sure their app works well in flex mode and Z Fold’s split-screen UI. App continuity, a feature that triggers when the phone is unfolded and restores its configurations as same as they were on the outer screen. It means now Android apps have to support flex mode, app continuity, and different screen resolutions of inner and outer screens. Developers can’t do this without testing.

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You can Sign Up for a developer account for free but you will have time restrictions during testing. Developers get 20 credits each and it is sufficient for 5 hours of testing daily. You need a good internet connection and Java RunTime Environment 7 running on your commuter. RTL has some limitations like audio, multi-touch and the camera doesn’t work.

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