Samsung disables Z Fold 3’s cameras while unlocking Bootloader

Are you ready to sacrifice cameras?

Samsung disables Z Fold 3's cameras while unlocking Bootloader
Samsung disables Z Fold 3’s cameras while unlocking Bootloader | Image: The Verge

Samsung is making it almost impossible to root your new Samsung Z Fold 3 because Samsung is going to kill your camera if you unlock the bootloader. Well, it seems a punishment, though. The smartphone giant already made it extremely difficult to root your Samsung device and not tripping the security flags like permanently banned Samsung Pay. Now, the company making it more difficult to try bootloader unlocking because it will cost your cameras. Samsung wants to discourage their users to go towards completely controlling their “Own” device. Many smartphone manufacturers did this in past this time Samsung is going too far to discourage booting smartphones.

An XDA forum member reported this “issue” the first time and according to him, after unlocking the bootloader, the camera app on his Z Fold 3 completely stopped working and, along with the Facial recognition, failed. He tried to use third-party camera apps, but all in vain. The user further reported that after re-locking, all stopped started working again.

Samsung has already been strict with the modders. Knox – Samsung’s security suit, said that if user roots phone or install any unofficial Android build then official security features, Samsung pay, and the secure folder will be permanently disabled, and reinstalling the official build won’t make them work again. Change the hardware to make them work. But, after unlocking the bootloader, then it does not require a hardware change, only re-locking is making the camera work again, according to the XDA Forums.

“Re-locking the bootloader does make the camera work again, which indicates that it’s more of a software-level obstacle. With root access, it could be possible to detect and modify the responsible parameters sent by the bootloader to the OS to bypass this restriction. However, according to ianmacdMagisk in its default state isn’t enough to circumvent the barrier.”


It’s more of a punishment to

modders than a security feature.

If you are a US-based Samsung user, then you have fewer chances to run into these “bootloader locking & unlocking” issues because Samsung’s shipped Snapdragon-based phone doesn’t officially allow bootloader unlocking.

Z Flip 3 does not have the same limitation because XDA Forum members reported a confirmation notice while unlocking the bootloader didn’t show the camera disability warning. Let’s see what Samsung’s take on this discussion and Samsung has said nothing yet.

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