Reddit rolled out video feed like TikTok on iOS

Reddit rolled out video feed like TikTok on iOS
Reddit rolled out the video feeds like TikTok on iOS

Every social platform is following TikTok by adding some TikTok-like features. Now, Reddit, the self-claimed front page of the internet, introducing a video feed like TikTok. You can see the new button next to the search bar and by tapping that you can experience new short videos, but in the iOS app.

Reddit said that till now most iOS users should have a new button on the right side of their search bar. After tapping, you can watch short video streaming, almost like the TikTok configuration. While watching videos, users can upvote or downvote, share, comment, or gift awards. Users will be able to swipe to see the next video like TikTok and streaming videos may or may not be from your joined subreddits.

Reddit's new video feed feature
Reddit’s new video feed feature | Image: TechCrunch

If we talk about how Reddit is pulling content from the subreddits, you didn’t join, we have nothing to talk about, though. When TechCrunch and The Verge approached Reddit to talk about how they are pulling content (algorithm) from not joined subreddits, Reddit declined to comment.

Reddit didn’t share any details about when will all devices have this feature or when will Android app get this feature.

This news (a new video feature) is coming right after Reddit crossed $10 billion in market value. Reddit has 52 million daily users and 100,000 active subreddits. Reddit further said they are planning to increase staff count to double, around 1400. So, we can hope to see new updates in fufut

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