Finally Reddit has a Windows app now

However, it’s not an “App” app.

Reddit has finally launched its Windows app through the Microsoft Store. You always had an option to access Reddit via any browser, but now dedicated app is a bit more convenient than before. However, it’s not an “App” app, but a PWS – Progressive web app, meaning it just works like a web app.

When you launch the Reddit app, it opens like a normal app and has a title bar and taskbar, etc., just like other app but basically, it is a Microsoft edge customized window. It opens the Reddit website. Even after installing the Reddit app, you can find it in Microsoft Edge itself. This whole “App” thing is a website. It is a shortcut to the Reddit website.

You can also install Reddit from the Edge itself using the icon that shows up in the address bar when you open the Reddit website in the browser.

Many users will say that it doesn’t make any sense. But this is part of Microsoft’s strategy to make Microsoft Store one stop for all kinds of Windows apps. Now Microsoft Store allowed complex, large, small apps, PWAs, and even developers can integrate monetization platforms of their own will and take whole revenue from their distributed apps on Microsoft Store.

It becomes so much convenient for Windows users to have all apps accessible directly from the Windows store. This will also increase the number of users both for Reddit and Microsoft Store. We hope that Reddit PWA goes good then there can be a native Windows Reddit app in the future.

You can download the Reddit app from here.

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