Zoom Building Real-Time Translation: Acquires an AI Company

Zoom making conferencing seamless,

Before the global pandemic, only a few users use Zoom daily. But, when Work From Home strikes Zoom’s popularity graph raise by leaps and bounds. It gets millions of active users. This hype makes the company think that it should improve itself and make collaborations seamless to engage more and more users.

zoom logo on building
image: zoom

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Zoom said it is acquiring an AI company Kites, which stands for Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions. Kites work on real-time translation software, using AI. According to Zoom, they are making this integration to make conferencing easier for people who speak different languages. That’s why Zoom is adding this real-time translation feature so that user doesn’t have to wait for the translation. User speak, AI translate in no time, and that’s it.

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It doesn’t mean Zoom didn’t have real-time translation before, Zoom had, but limited for the English speakers. Zoom also release a statement that their new real-time translating feature may not be 100% accurate. Zoom is opening a research center in Germany, where the Kites team will work.

Let’s see, where it goes. 

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