Quantum Computing: A Birds Eye View

Computing is going sub-atomic,

Quantum computing is about to develop computers based on quantum mechanics. Today, typical computers make calculations by using 1s and 0s (bits). As a result, they have some restrictions in making computations.

quantum computer
Image: IBM

On the other hand, Quantum computing does not depend upon bits but quantum bits or qubits. Qubits are working at sub-atomic levels and they can exist in more than 1 state at the same time. Qubits can exist in the form of 1 and 0 at the same time.

1. What is Quantum Computing

In quantum mechanics, two phenomena exist called Quantum Superposition and Quantum Entanglement. Quantum computing is based on these two features of quantum mechanics. These features enable quantum computers to tackle operations at thousands of times higher than ordinary computers. The higher speed take less time to make computations, it saves energy too.

In the 1980s, it was noticed that some problems can be solved a lot more efficiently than ordinary computers. This became the basic idea behind Quantum computing.

Nowadays, Quantum computing is helping to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the fields of mathematics, sub-atomic physics, Artificial-intelligence, big data computations, nuclear reactions, and finance.

Its advantages, potential, and increasing market attracted some of the tech giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

According to The Wall Street Journal around 40% of the large technology companies plan to enhance Quantum Computing technology.

2. Quantum Computers vs Ordinary Computer

The information processing process of Quantum Computing is fundamentally different from typical computers. Ordinary Computers work by using transistors which can be 0 or 1 but not both at a time. On the other hand, quantum computers use qubits. Qubits can be 0 or 1 and even both at a time. But here is one more thing, when you add more transistors into a typical computer, it increases the processing power linearly. But in the case of quantum computers, when you add more qubits, it increases processing power exponentially.

Ordinary computers are suitable for everyday tasks which need no jaw-dropping processing power. But, quantum computers are not for daily tasks but complex data analysis, running insanely complex simulations like drug trials or big data analysis of billions of people. Quantum computers must be kept in a colder environment and are super expensive.

Quantum computers are fast and meant to solve complex problems faster but it does not mean they can run your video editing software faster than your computer but they can solve many complex and large problems ridiculously faster than your computer.

quantum computer on which Google is working will help to make speed learning training fast and to make energy-efficient batteries.

Quantum computer has also its applications in cryptography because they can handle many complex algorithms. In health sciences, it is also helping to fight cancer and developing new and effective drugs. Quantum computing finds some of its applications in Radar navigation systems because it can enhance their capabilities and detections. It is also being used to prevent pollutions.

3. Companies Contributing in Quantum Computing

Google wants to build its quantum computer by 2029. For this purpose, Google is spending billions of dollars. In California, Google has a campus called Google AI which is a kind of research lab for quantum computing. IBM is also known to invest billions in quantum computers. In the coming year, International Business Machine (IBM) can hit significant milestones in quantum computing.

Some companies are also working to give access to their quantum computer to other companies via the cloud. IBM allows access to its machines which are part of its quantum network via the cloud. IBM plans to have a quantum computer of 1,000 qubits by 2023. Microsoft is also offering its Quantum Computing services via Azure. But, Google is not selling access to its quantum computing machines till now. Read more…

There is no Quantum Computer for commercial purposes till now.

4. Conclusion

Quantum computing is a different thing from typical computing technology. It is built differently, and its usage is different. Quantum computers use qubits but typical computers use transistors. Quantum computers are extremely powerful machines and can solve a problem in one minute which would take 10,000 years in typical computers. It is a futuristic thing but not available commercially yet.

Quantum technologies are difficult to understand, but that will not stop the disruption this set of emerging technologies will bring in the next few years!

-Kevin Coleman


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