China declares new privacy policy to protect user’s data

Tech companies in China have to improve privacy measures.

China declares new privacy policy to protect user's data
China declares new privacy policy to protect user’s data

China’s state-owned media reported that the country has passed a new privacy law to protect Chinese users’ data. New Chinese rules to handle users’ data will take effect on 1st November on all the tech firms operating in China.

“The law’s passage completes another pillar in the country’s efforts to regulate cyberspace and is expected to add more compliance requirements for companies in the country.”


China’s Legislature passed the new law named “Personal Information Protection Law on Friday, as reported by ReutersNew law bounds tech firms to get users’ permission to collect their data and all companies have to ensure that the data is protected at any cost when data is transferred outside China. Tech companies operating in China must have a specific person to look after the protection of data and must have to regularly conduct an audit to ensure data is being protected.

Reuters further reported that companies’ collection of data must have a clear, serious purpose. Companies should collect as minimum as possible.

On the day of China’s Legislation announcing the new privacy law, the National People’s Congress published an op-ed to praise the new law.

“Personalization is the result of a user’s choice, and truly personalized recommendations must ensure the user’s freedom to choose, without compulsion. Therefore, users must be given the right to not make use of personalized recommendation functions.”

-National People’s Congress’ op-ed

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