Apple users can Play Facebook Cloud Games through a Web App Now

Facebook is not known for its Games yet,

Facebook on apple imac
Apple users can Play Facebook Cloud Games through a Web App Now.

Apple device users can play Facebook cloud games, after FridayFacebook is bringing its cloud games to Apple users by using a website. Users will play simple games like Solitaire, and can also stream more graphically powerful games. Users can add cloud games to their home screens, like native apps.

Apple does not allow third-party developers to redirect users from applications to the website which can use purchasing services that Apple does not own. Because of the rules, many companies other than Facebook, like Epic, also condemn these iOS payment restrictions. Facebook does not use an “Apple Product” for in-app purchases into games. Facebook uses Facebook pay. Because of all this confusion, it is not clear how Apple users will play Facebook games. Some time ago, Apple didn’t allow Facebook to make and applications for Apple users to play cloud games. Apple said Apple will consider some alternatives.

Microsoft and Amazon launched their websites to allow Apple users to play their cloud games before. Facebook is following them.

Vivek Sharma, vice president of Facebook gaming, while speaking with the verge, said that,

According to our conclusion, websites are the only choice to make Apple users play cloud games at the current moment. He further added, Apple is not allowing cloud games on Apple’s app store at all. Requirements that Apple wants cloud games to fulfill, destroy their purpose as a cloud game. Apple’s restrictions are stopping players to find new games.

In short, according to Vivek, Apple’s regulations to allow cloud games are not allowing cloud games.

Facebook made Apple users play its cloud games by using the web app but there are still some roadblocks in form of the Safari browser’s restrictions. While playing cloud games in Safari, the game sound is off by default. Web games can not send push notifications to the user. They can not use graphic resources much as compared to native apps. In short, Safari makes cloud games less efficient. The games are hard to discover, too.

Apple rules don’t allow any app to redirect any user to a website with a payment mechanism that is not owned by apple. As a result, Facebook can not get enough benefit from Apple users. Facebook cloud games are now available in United States, Mexico, and Canada. Facebook is now making its cloud games available in more parts of the world. In the case of Apple users, perhaps it didn’t go so well.

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