Nintendo Switch update: Now supports Bluetooth audio

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio support, but no microphone.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch is finally getting Bluetooth audio support with the current update. Bluetooth support is available for a long time because Switch uses Bluetooth technology to connect to wireless controllers. Now, at last, Nintendo Switch added support for Bluetooth audio.

Nintendo announced on Twitter that the company is rolling out a new firmware update that will add Bluetooth audio support. When you successfully update your Nintendo Switch, then you will be able to see the “‘Bluetooth Audio’ page in the system settings for pairing Bluetooth speakers and headphones.”

This [Bluetooth audio support] feature comes with some of its own caveats. You can’t connect more than two wireless controllers if you are using Bluetooth audio support. You have to turn it off if you want to play with more than two people. This feature also turned off auto during local communications and users can use only one Bluetooth audio device at a time.

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Apart from these, a major flaw is that this feature doesn’t support Bluetooth microphones yet.

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