New $2 Trillion Contender: Microsoft

Microsoft is now part of an Exclusive Club.

Microsoft can add one more thing to its shelf, A $2 trillion company with the revelation of Windows 11. According to CNN, this milestone makes Microsoft only the 2nd American company to hit the market cap of $2 trillion ever.1st American company to achieve this milestone is Apple Inc.

Microsoft is new $2 trilloin company

2020 played a major role to help Microsoft achieve this milestone. In 2020, Microsoft also raise its success graph with its Cloud services(Azure), Surface devices, and Gaming Consoles(Xbox). Microsoft claims that only its cloud services brought revenue of $48 billion in 2020.

Further, the release of the new MS operating system Windows 11 will bring more revenue to it.

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Microsoft crossed the $2 trillion market capitalization some days ago but at the time market closed it fall a little below $2 trillion marks. According to Yahoo Finance, on 24 June 2021, Microsoft crossed the mark again, and the market was closed at $2.009 trillion.

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