iPad OS, iOS 15: What’s new; Can iPad replace MacBook Air now?

According to public beta,

iOS 15
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On July 8th, 2021, Apple Inc. released the public beta version of iPadOS 15 and iOS 15.  People in the tech space were saying that it is time for an iPadOS update, that time has come.

Apple made some UI changes, home screen updates, and little updates in the new OS.

It is nice.

We can not say that this is a mind-blowing whole new thing with some completely new features, but again, it’s nice.

Widget placement

I am glad to tell you that you can finally place widgets on the home screen wherever you want (surely according to grids). I know Android users getting this for more than the past decade but at last it’s here, on your iPad. Now, you can increase the widget size and put some huge widgets on your screen.

widget placement in ipad os 15
Image: MKBHD

App library

It is another home screen update in iPadOS 15. It shows all your apps in one place and you can hide apps from the screen too. You can access hidden apps from the app library. A little nice thing is that the new app library pops up after the last home screen. It is just like an Android app drawer.


It is a good upgrade. You can open more windows on the same screen of the same application to do tasks more efficiently. For example, copy and pasting content between apps, and taking notes while opening another app alongside, etc. You can do this before iPadOS 15 but the difference is now it becomes more user-friendly and easier to remember. When you open an ap OS shows constantly show you three dots at the center-top.

muktitasking in ipad os 15
Image: MKBHD

When you click those three dots, OS shows you three options:

  1. Fullscreen covered by only 1 app
  2. Split-screen
  3. Slide over
multitasking options
Image: MKBHD
multi tasking options close up
Image: MKBHD


In the recept apps section, you can drag an app onto another app, it will create a split-screen view for both apps. The functionality of this whole multi-tasking thing same as before the way of how it is being present is new. Three dots are small but user-friendly updates.

Notes app

Apple made the notes app in iPad OS 15 so good that you don’t need other notes taking apps.

Now, the notes app has an interesting feature of quick notes. You can drag it up from the corner(bottom-right) it opens a floating notes-taking window. You drag and starting writing. Another good feature is that if you have an opened quick notes window then you can drag the contents screen into the notes window and save it there for later use, for example, you want to save a tweet for later, you just open quick notes and drag that tweet into the window.

You can add links, gallery photos into your notes by this drag method. With a pencil, while taking notes with this method, you can highlight something on the screen, when you open the notes later it will take you directly to the highlighted part of the screen.

Well, it is cool.

Browser extensions

Now, you can add extensions into iPad safari just like the desktop version. You can go to safari’s extensions settings and can get an appropriate extension for you. 

Some other stuff is coming to both iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

  1. Share play
  2. FaceTime
  3. Livetext
  4. Apple maps update

Now, you can share the music and other media with share play with other iOS 15 users. Shared media will have since controls. One person pause, its pause for all.

Now it is possible to include android users in your facetime calls. For this, you have to share a link and android users can join the call in their browser.

In OS15, Apple is adding a feature so that you can control your iPad with the mouse pad of your MacBook (running macOS Monterey).

We think there are some not good things like There is still no weather app. Just forecast info showing widget which is linked to wheather.com. The calculator app is still not included in iPadOS, which should be.

If you think that this 15th OS running iPad can take the place of your laptop, well, rethink.


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