iOS 15 beta 4 auto removes Lens Flare

person clicking photo in landscape mode
iOS 15 beta 4 auto removes Lens Flare
iOS 15 beta 4 auto-removes lens flare from a photo when post-processing an image. Apple released the first preview was around two months ago. Because of testing purposes, Apple releasing additional features and they spotted one of them as auto-removing of lens flare. A popular camera app Halide share this feature on Twitter. Halide said: “Big news: the latest iOS 15 beta automatically removes the famous ‘green orb’ lens flares we are so used to on iPhones. Thoughts?”
A Reddit user also found out about this feature while taking a landscape picture. Other Reddit users confirmed this and said their iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 were auto-removing lens flare when post-processing the image. Apple has a major focus on camera improvements with the release of iOS 15. Apple added lots of camera features for Facetime e.g. background blur. On a FaceTime call, you can make your background blur (portrait) just like you use portrait mode in the main camera app.
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