Instagram will make under 16 user’s accounts private

Advertisements for under 16 will also affect.

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By default, Instagram will make under 16 user’s accounts private.

Instagram is making itself a safer and better place for under 16 users. Facebook-owned “image sharing” platform will automatically make accounts private if the user is under 16. This is not a restriction because while doing so Instagram is not making this (by-default private account) only option but the option to switch to the public will also be available. Currently, Instagram has already signed thousands of under 16 users up. So, Instagram will send them a notification and appreciate it if that user switches from public to private.

Social media is providing content to users with no restriction of age. 6 years users can also get the content that is made for 18+. We don’t know the intentions but Instagram is taking an excellent step. IG is taking steps to make the app good for young people for the past 4 months. In March, Instagram started to showing young people (during the sign-up procedure) messages that why private accounts are good for you.

The parent company of Instagram, Facebook also restricts advertisers to target under 18 users. Advertisers now can only target under 18 users based on age, gender, and location. Before, advertisers could target anyone without such (age, gender, and location) restrictions. Facebook makes these restrictions applicable to IG and messenger as well.

Besides this, IG said that it is working to regulate the interaction of under 16s and adults. IG says it can detect suspicious activities from an account. If young users report or block an adult’s account then that (adult’s) account will be marked as “suspicious“ and will not be shown in the explore a section of young. Not just explore section but the young user would not see any comments or posts from “suspicious” users. It means reported users will be no more on Instagram for young people.

“We are trying to figure out if an adult is exhibiting suspicious behavior, the adult might not have broken the rules yet, but might do things that make us look at them more deeply.”, IG head of public policy, Karina Newton, in a conversation with NBC news.

Reportedly, Instagram is working on an app for kids under 13. Under 13 cannot sign up on IG yet. The company is taking serious measures to make IG safer for teens. IG warned teens of suspicious adults by detecting potentially suspicious behavior. IG also blocked the adults from messaging teens who didn’t follow them. This shows that how much edging is IG to maintain civility.

“We are looking to build something compelling for tweens and works for parents,” Newton to NBC news.

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