Instagram quitting its swipe up feature, bringing Link Stickers

Instagram will replace swipe up with “Sticker links,“ from 30th August.

Instagram quitting its swipe up feature, bringing Link Stickers
Instagram quitting its swipe-up feature, bringing Link Stickers.

Swipe up feature of Instagram is all ready to leave the social media app. The swipe up feature allowed users to access links by swiping up, but starting from 30 August, “Link Stickers” will replace the swipe up feature.

After 30 August, users will open links by clicking the Link Sticker.

“Tap link sticker,

open webpages directly”

Instagram said they are quitting the feature to make user experience while publishing stories more streamline. Link stickers will give more creative control and formatting choice to users. Instagram is not launching the “Link Sticker“ feature suddenly, they are testing this feature from June.

Instagram notification
Instagram announcing a new “Link Sticker” feature.

Vishal Shah, former head of product at Instagram, apart from the difference of gesture, people can reply to the stories with link stickers but they can’t reply to stories having swipe up.

Swipe feature was available to limited people who have verified accounts or have over 10,000 followers. An Instagram spokesperson told The Verge that Instagram currently rolling out this new “Link Stickers” feature to those who have swipe up privilege, but the photo-sharing app is considering following out this feature for all users but first, they will confirm if it is the right decision to roll out for all.

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