Humanoid Tesla Bot is under construction at Tesla

To do nasty tasks for humans.

Humanoid Tesla Bot is under construction at Tesla
Humanoid Tesla Bot is under construction at Tesla

Elon Musk – Tesla CEO, said that Tesla is working on an AI-based Humanoid robot called as “Tesla bot.” Reports say that Tesla will build a prototype for “Tesla Bot” sometime next year. CEO said that Tesla Bot is intended to be friendly and at mechanical lever slow and weak enough that a human can overpower it.

Tesla bot will run on Artificial Intelligence systems developed by Tesla to power its vehicles. Tesla has a rich experience in developing Artificial Intelligence-based software, thanks to auto-pilot Tesla EVs. The primary purpose of Tesla Bot will be to do repetitive and dangerous tasks for humans. Musk said that Tesla Bot will be able to follow commands like,“ attach this bolt to the card with that wrench,” or get groceries, etc.

“I think essentially in the future, physical work will be a choice, if if you want to do it you can.”

-Elon Musk

Elon Musk revealed the blueprints of the Tesla Bot during the during AI Event. The company also presented a “not working,” mannequin version of the robot on the stage. Tesla showcased some of the Artificial Intelligence and supercomputer technologies on which the company is working to produce self-driving cars one day. As per the details, the Tesla bot will be five feet and eight inches tall, weigh 125 pounds, and has a screen face.

tesla bot face screen
Tesla Bot Face

In the company, the code name of Tesla Bot is “Optimus,“ but Tesla simply calling it Tesla Bot publicly. Tesla Bot will have a top speed of 5mph and the ability to carry weight is around 45 pounds.

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