How to use cartoon filter in Zoom call

How to use cartoon filter in Zoom call; Cartoon filter in official meetings?

cartoon in zoom meeting
image: the verge

Do you want to make your “boring“ zoom meetings a little more interesting? Let’s convert yourself into a living cartoon.

Snapchat has a camera app for Windows and Macs, a Snap camera app. It is free to use and gives you a filter (available in Snapchat’s mobile app). Well, it’s fun. Snapchat updated the snap camera app and added a “Cartoon“ filter in it. This filter is “cute, “fluid, and converts yourself into a DreamWorks & Pixar creation. It can not mimic your facial expressions perfectly but it’s good enough to try. It’s in the desktop app so you can use it in your next zoom meeting.

How to use cartoon filter in zoom call

First, download the snap camera app. This app will require camera and microphone permissions to work.

Your OS should be Windows 10 and macOS 10.13, at least.

Now, start the Snap camera app, open zoom, and in Zoom make the Snap camera app camera input.

How to change camera app on Zoom (Windows)

  • Click the gear icon (settings) in the upper-right corner in Zoom,
  • Select “Video.”
  • Use the drop-down menu (Camera) and choose the Snap camera app from the list of camera apps.

How to change camera app on Zoom (macOS)

  • Open zoom
  • Click preferences
  • Click Video
  • Choose App

After you made Snap camera as camera input in Zoom, now go to Snap camera app and select filter, “Cartoon style.“ Congratulations! You are done.

Zoom is also bringing “real-time“ translation in its meetings. To do so, Zoom bought an AI company. People will face no language barrier while meeting in zoom.

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