How to find a perfect job, 10 keys.

Job searching is itself a “Must Have” skill. How to find a perfect job, 10 keys.

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Because of this COVID pandemic, millions of people loosed their job. Forbes said, 1 in 4 workers in the US loosed his job because of the pandemic. Imagine this number in other countries as well. You have to learn, how to find a perfect job, 10 keys. As the digital era came, job searching has transformed. Along with the best skills, adapt the new job searching methods to stand out in millions of other job seekers.

FlexJobs said, following 10 Job Search tips will help you find your dream job.

Make keyword-rich resumes

No one is reading your resumes from top to bottom. Almost all employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS), which can search resumes by keywords. To make sure that ATS will go through your resume, make a keyword-rich resume according to the specific jobs. Many research shows that employers and hiring managers just spend 6 to 7 seconds scanning your resume. If you want them to read your resume for over 6 to 7 seconds, grab their attention. Use good keywords to get their attention.

Add summary & skills section

Include the skills of you which match company requirements and expectations. Using objective statements has been old. The only thing company wants from you are your skills. If they are the best, you are the best. But how will the company know you have the best skills; Tell them. To do so, highlight top skills and achievements (related to the job) in the summary section. While making a summary section, keep the above point (make keyword-rich resumes) in mind.

Remove street address

In this pandemic and after, there is no need to include your home address in the resume. Instead, include city, state, and zip code only. This is a common practice and also helps in maintaining privacy.

Include most recent experience only

Employers have nothing to do with your career history. They expect you to have recent experience according to the job. Please, do not include older than 5 years of experience maximum. This will not help you other than making your resume look boring and aged.

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Take video interviews serious

Video interviews became standard rather than physical appearance. Globally pandemic plays a vital role in this. Most probably, this is the first time when an employer sees you. Remember the proverb, “The first impression is the last.“ Prepare background (simple and without inspired by a single culture), use natural lighting, wear a suit, look fresh, and remember background plays the most important role in presenting you.

Prepare for AI-based job interviews

An AI-Led interview aka “Asynchronous interview“ is a tool employers use to pre-screen candidates. It is a one-way interview used to determine whether to move the candidate to the next round. This type of interview is becoming popular and they also help employees to know the candidate.

In an asynchronous interview, you will have to record responses for 5 to 7 pre-recorded questions. There are 30 seconds in between questions. You may have a deadline to record your response.

Highlight remote-work experience

Candidates should highlight their remote-work experience on every platform related to job search (LinkedIn, cover letter, resume). While writing the experience section of the resume, highlight remote jobs by writing Job Title (Remote). Create a section, Technology, section in resume and write all collaboration tools and technologies you have used before. This is the age of technology and the world works remotely right now (in a pandemic). This will highlight your resume among others and make employers know you are comfortable working remotely and have knowledge of collaboration tools.

Use proper salutation

Try not to use “dear hiring manager,“ etc. instead, search the exact name. After you know the name, don’t write “Mr.“ or “Mr.“ because you can mistake the gender. Don’t use “To whom it may concern“ at any cost, employer will suppose you didn’t do any search for this job and this can be a full stop for you.

Good Email address

You should use the most popular email provider like Gmail, etc. YahooMail and AOL are outdated. Don’t use cute or artistic handles like ““ Create an email account using the first and the last name. You can use periods or dashes to make it unique. Never use extra details like cast or any nickname in Email handles.

Create a good LinkedIn profile

Having a good and robust LinkedIn profile will influence your job hiring. Popular job searching website said, over 90% of employers and recruiters compare your resume to your LinkedIn profile. Research conducted by ResumeGo states that resume having a link to a good and organized LinkedIn profile has 71% more chance of getting a call for an interview.


You should consider these methods and stand up in the crowd. Now, the world is much competitive and you just need to be advanced and efficient. You are a fresh graduate or experienced employee, do research to stay advanced, learn trending technologies, and do Hard work.

Follow above mention steps and increase your chance to get your dream job.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

– Estee Lauder

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