How to clear iPhone cache; Does it make iPhone fast?

Clearing Cache can make iPhone fast,

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iPhones gradually become slow. You should clear the cache of your iPhone to make the phone fast again. The question is, how to clear the cache of iPhones?

If your iPhone becomes slow, then you don’t have to rush for a new phone. You can restore the speed by clearing the cache memory of all browsers. Browser cache is the most necessary cache to clear. Let’s talk about this.

When you visit a website on your iPhone, your phone downloads data to show you. This process can be slower or faster depends upon your internet connection. To make this process efficient, a web browser stores some of the downloaded information into the cache memory of your phone. As a result, when you visit that website again, it loads faster than before. For instance, we can say that you bought drinks more than you need and store them in the fridge. So, when you need a drink, you don’t have to go to the market again. A cache is the “fridge.“ But if you put too many drinks in the fridge for later use, then if there will be space for other things or not? Your answer will be no. The best idea is to just keep those drinks which you will need in 3 – 4 days.

Browser keeps storing more and more cache and it became outdated for you. Old cache brings you no benefit. It is better to clear that.

Let’s move to the guide for clearing the cache of famous browsers.

How to clear Safari’s cache

Safari comes with every iPhone pre-installed, as a default browser. Clearing cache is easy in Safari, but you should take note that after clearing the cache you will be logged out from your iCloud account. If you do it after iOS 11, then the Safari cache of all your connected devices with your iCloud will also be cleared.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open Settings app
  2. Choose Safari from the apps
  3. Click clear history and website data
  4. Confirm

All done!

How to clear Chrome’s cache

Chrome is not the built-in app in iPhone so you will require some more steps. But you will apply all steps in the chrome app itself.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open chrome
  2. Click three dots (bottom-right corner); click Settings
  3. Click Privacy
  4. Click Clear browsing data
  5. Set time range (at the top) to all time
  6. Check all available options, e.g. cached images and files
  7. Click Clear browsing data

All done!

How to clear Firefox’s cache

You are a Firefox user and the browser and your phone becomes slow, let’s make it fast.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open Firefox app
  2. Open hamburger menu (bottom-right corner)
  3. Click Privacy
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click Data management
  6. Select all fields and click Clear private data

All done!

What happens after clearing cache?

After clearing the cache you will get a new start for every website because it will clear all locally stored data of websites. It will solve the problems of speed. But, the cons of deleting cache is that it will log you out of every website you logged in to that specific browser. But, more speed can compensate for this inconvenience.

How often cache deletion should be?

You don’t need to clear cache after every week but in a month. We advise you should not clear cache regularly, but when it becomes large and cause the phone to slow down.

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