Google TV is likely to add free TV channel

Google TV wants its piece of TV channels pie.

google tv
Google TV will stream FAST channels | ©Google

Google is reportedly looking to add free TV channels to Google TV – Google’s Android-based smart TV.

“To achieve this, Google has held talks with companies distributing so-called FAST (free, ad-supported streaming television) channels, according to multiple industry insiders. These channels have the look and feel of traditional linear TV networks, complete with ad breaks and on-screen graphics. Free streaming channels could launch on Google TV as early as this fall, but the company may also wait to announce the initiative in conjunction with its smart TV partners in early 2022.”


The owner of the Chromecast will be able to browse through the available FAST channels using a dedicated live TV menu. At this time, the live menu is only available in premium TV products like YouTube TV. “n smart TVs, the streaming channels are expected to be presented alongside over-the-air programming that can be accessed with an antenna,” says Protocol.

More companies are adding FAST channels into their smart TV line-ups to give users more choice and easy switch between live or streaming channels. As a result, FAST channels may soon replace the typical cable network channels. Protocol further said: “this is not Google’s first foray into free TV streaming. When the company unveiled Android TV in 2014, it also included a live channels framework that was designed to aggregate live programming from streaming apps and over-the-air broadcasters.”

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