Google releases humorous video on Pixel 5A headphone jack

‘Circle’ is the new headphone jack.

Google has released a humorous video to praise the new Pixel 5A 5G’s one of the best hardware features. This feature was not the big battery, not water-resistant or screen, but the “Head Phone jack.”

Probably you have never seen such a video on the headphone jack. Google parodies Jony Ive in the latest 2-minute video. This video is featuring the voice of Jony Ive or someone with a “Jony Ive voice.” This video is definitely the parody of old Apple commercials featuring Chief Design Officer for Apple, Sir Jonathan Paul Ive.

Video says:

Calling this perfectly symmetrical, technological marvel, a “headphone jack” may feel like an understatement… but technically, that’s what it’s called, so… fair enough. Behold! The Headphone Jack, on the Google Pixel 5a with 5G.

The video narrator said: “a glorious achievement that draws from our past as it propels us into the future.”

Narrates has successfully read the script, but now we should look into the reality again where the “Future” belongs to the Pixel phone which doesn’t have a headphone jack or “The Circle,” Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro.

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