Google become first company to make vaccination compulsory for its employees

First tech giant to do so.

google logo reflection in eyes

Sundar Pichai announced Google will only allow vaccinated employees to return to offices, in a letter to The New York Times.

NYT said: “in the coming week Google will apply the restriction in US offices and the other parts of the world will be restricted in upcoming months.”

Google take this step after a report came that Biden’s administration is planning to tell Federal workers to get vaccines otherwise they have to face frequent COVID-19 testing after Thursday.

Because of the rising graph of COVID patients because of Delta variant across the US, Google postponed its office returning deadline from September to and 18 October. Apple did the same before Google and postponed the return-to-work deadline till early October, as reported by the verge.

Let’s see if Apple and other big companies will follow Google to make it compulsory to get vaccinated. Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) dropped such hints while talking to CNBC.

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