Google Assistant will add your name to Restaurants Waitlist

Google assistant being real “assistant”

google assistant is booking seat in a restaurant using google duplex
Google assistant is booking seats in a restaurant using google duplex | Image: VentureBeat

VentureBeat reported Google is testing a feature that can make users able to add themselves to restaurant waiting lists. The VentureBeat reporter spotted this feature when they were searching for restaurants in Google maps. While checking details of a restaurant they noticed a button, Request to join waitlist. After clicking that button, a window opened and asks them the number of people, and how long they can wait. After entering details and clicking continue, Google Assistant said, Assistant will call the restaurant on your behalf. Afterward, the Assistant fetched the name and contact details from the user’s Google account and called the restaurant. Google assistant sent messages about if Assistant successfully secured a spot in restaurant or not. It is amazing, isn’t it?

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It is an experimental feature and is being tested by rolling out for a limited group of people. After (reporter spotted the “Request to join waitlist“ button), VentureBeat reached out to Google spokesperson, and he said: “We are constantly experimenting with new features that use Duplex technology and do not have a timeline on when, or, if this specific capability will be available to the broader Google Assistant users.”

Google continuously develops new features to make itself efficient and to stay ahead of rivals. Google released a new feature, about this resultto tell users what they are seeing in the search results.

What is Google Duplex?

It is an AI-powered technology developed (2018) by Google to increase the usage and efficiency of Google Assistant. Google Duplex is an automated Natural language processing technology deeply integrated with advanced artificial intelligence. GD can make calls, handle meetings, and reserve seats, etc on the behalf of the user. GD doesn’t do this in a robotic voice, but a human voice. Google successfully ditched the robotic voice after Duplex. Now, Google is using Google Duplex to reserve spots in a restaurant on your behalf. After 2018, Duplex is revolutionizing voice assistant technology. It can help you to book haircut appointments, and helping chrome users to fix weak passwords. Soon, it will book a seat in restaurants for you according to your requirements.

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